Security starts with the right tools


CENTRY provides you the best detection, defense and analytics for all your needs.

Finding your threats


Do you know you know your Cyber Threats? Don’t worry that’s what CENTRY is there for. CENTRY detects incoming and outgoing threats to against you, helping you put in place the necessary protection, at the right place.
CENTRY is the essential Security solution for you and your company, helping you remove your worries and focus on what you want to do.

Giving you the best protection


Cyber threats are evolving at an exponential rate and using the correct defense is a challenging task. Each day, 390,000 new malicious programs are released into the market by a variety of cyber criminals. CENTRY helps your organization protect against these Threats.
With CENTRY you can be sure that your assets have the best protection there is. Working hard to keeping you safe day by day.

The best defence at the Point of Sale.


Point of Sales terminals are an integral part of any store. CENTRY POS helps you defend your company with the best anti-fraud and monitoring toolkit. By detecting anomalies in transaction data and terminal usage you will get instant notifications when alarms are triggered and be able to stop an attack before is gets critical.
CENTRY POS helps you get full control of your information. Protecting all of your customers.
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