Knowing what you have and how to secure it, is one of the essential stages in getting the security in place for any company. One of the key features for this is maintaining control of all your endpoints in your company.



Normal users of your system are one of the most common places where an attack starts. It could be as simple as a user installing an unknown or dangerous software on the computer, unknowingly or they think that need that specific software to do their job. Having full control over what software lives in your company could be the difference of a massive internal breach or being able to stop the dangerous application before it becomes a real problem. CENTRY Endpoint gives you full visibility into what software is installed on your whole company. You can also track a single installation to find out other hosts that have this installed.


Last year Intel had a massive security issue with their CPU’s. The Meltdown vulnerability shook the whole hardware industry to its roots. An attacker could use a flaw to read all memory, even when it was not authorized to do so, and the vulnerability worked with a whole range of Intel CPU’s. During this crisis our customers used CENTRY to locate and identify vulnerable endpoints that needed to have their CPU’s replaced by using the tools in CENTRY Endpoint.

CENTRY Endpoint monitors and stores all hardware information for the endpoint. This makes it a simple task trying to locate specific hardware units.



CENTRY Endpoint enables CENTRY SOC and its partners to help you directly within the security system itself. One of the most common issues we see is that the end user or IT staff are having trouble configuring and setting up the security protections correctly. By using our Remote administration view, we can log on to your system, helping you identify your problems together with you or by ourselves. Giving you the ultimate support when you need it.

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