Incident Reponse

Organizations globally realize that working only to detect and alert cyberattacks will not protect them against cyber security threats. Like the emergency services, when something happens you need someone to be responsible for classifying, investigating & containing the incident. Any challenge or problem which is not properly contained and handled can and will spiral into bigger problems that can eventually lead to the total collapse of the system.



When security incidents occur, response teams face immense pressure to outmaneuver and defeat skilled opponents while also juggling the needs of stakeholders. Manual disjointed efforts challenge and stretch the capabilities of your security team who may or may not be able to remediate the incident. Having a prepared team is the difference of failing to handle the incident successfully or managing to get back to normal operations as quick as possible.


When something happens our security experts in the CENTRY SOC will start investigations and mitigation of the incident. This means that you can reduce downtime to your network and to your Operations and feel safe that someone you trust is handling it for you in a professional manner.



  • Improve Response Times
  • Lower Response Costs
  • Improve Response Effectiveness
  • Enable Continuous Improvement
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